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leadership development program

Leadership is a BEHAVIOR,

not a job role.

Who Is the program designed for?

The Vistage Advancing Leader Program is a high-impact offering for experienced and advancing managers designed to accelerate their leadership development journey. The program challenges members to apply proactive leadership to their mindset, communication and collaboration so they can think beyond what is directly in front of them and achieve breakthrough results


The Advancing Leader Program equips members with the skills to approach their role strategically, making the conscious shift from reactive to proactive management. Through the combination of customized assessments, application-based learning and peer-panel feedback, members learn to clearly define opportunities, gain internal alignment on effective solutions and lead implementation that drives results within their organization. 


Leadership Role

Vistage Program

Level 1

CEOs, Presidents, Founders 

Chief Executive

Level 2

C-Level Executives

Key Executive

Level 3

Experienced and Advancing Managers

Advancing Leader

Level 4

Managers and Individual Contributors

Emerging Leader

Advancing Leader

Bench Strength: Prepares employees for key leadership positions within the organization.

Improved execution: Develops proactive leaders who demonstrate cross-functional leadership to drive results,

Proactive leadership: Equips leaders at multiple levels with the tools and confidence to initiate and execute change.

Skill Mastery: Develops proactive leadership to achieve breakthrough results.

Relationship building: Cultivates professional relationships with colleagues across various departments and levels.

Recognition and career advancement: Promotes development of top talent with strong potential for taking on greater leadership within the organization

Benefits to your organization

Benefits to advancing leaders

leadership workshop near me

How it works

The Advancing Leader Program helps experienced and advancing managers turbo-charge their professional growth through:

Expert speaker workshops: Each meeting features a workshop facilitated by a Vistage speaker who focuses on business-related topics and promotes proactive leadership.

Proactive leadership: Members learn proactive leadership skills to propel professional growth in the areas of mindset, communication, and collaboration.

Peer-panel feedback: Through valuable feedback from their peers, members learn how to better communicate within their roles in organizations.


Cross-functional collaboration: Members build and strengthen cross-functional relationships for improved results. 

Advancing Leader Program

Dynamic group meetings

Six full-day meetings per year, (every other month) facilitated by a Vistage Chair

Cross- functional collaboration

An expert Vistage speaker presents on leadership competency at every meeting

Expert speakers

Six expert Vistage speaker workshops on business-related topics per year

Online community

24/7 access to 23,000+ members across 21 countries

Advancing leader moves from reactive to a proactive mindset

Reactive >>

Active >>

Proactive >>

Why Now?

Unemployment levels are at an all-time low

A labor shortage is taking place in many cities and companies around the world. Also, the US fertility rate is at an all-time low (around 1.9 children per family), so we are not replacing the workers we have.

Employee retention is a CEO concern

86% of business leaders are deeply concerned about employee retention and engagement. The average worker changes jobs every 4.4 years. Employee leadership development can help improve retention and reduce employee turnover costs. 

Employee expectations are changing

According to a Gallup study, only 29% of millennials report being engaged at work.  This is critical because millennials will make up 51% of the work force in 2021!

The biggest factor that attracts millennials to a workplace?

Their development!

The Past

My Paycheck

My Satisfaction

My Boss

My Annual Review

My Weaknesses

My Job

Our Future

My Purpose

My Development

My Coach

My Ongoing Conversations

My Strengths

My Life

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Emerging Leader

What's the payoff for developing employees?

Simply adding a star performer to a team boosts the effectiveness of other team members by 5-15%. No wonder, then, that study after study shows stronger financial performance in companies that make proportionally greater investments in identifying and developing top talents.

Harvard Business Review


Emerging Leader Program, General Manager (Construction)

"My time in Vistage will benefit me for years to come as I have gained new tools and approaches to assist me in current and future roles. The Emerging Leader program has pushed me to seek different perspectives and challenge my own way of thinking."

Emerging Leader Program, General Manager (Automotive Industry)

"Highly recommend the Vistage Emerging Leader program for those seeking to gain perspectives from other organizations and with the goal of improving oneself as a leader while also wanting the same for others. I gained many tools that I can utilize on a regular basis and which will allow me to be a more effective leader to my teams and others across the organization."

Emerging Leader Program, Director, Finance

"Vistage is a great platform which transformed my approach to leadership in the areas of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, vulnerability and growth when serving others."

Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results.

To learn more, contact me.

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