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How are you developing your key executives?

89% of executives believe strengthening organizational leadership is a top priority.

83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels.

5% of organizations have successfully implemented leadership development across all levels.

Source: Brandon Hall Group

Chris Quinn Vistage Leadership North Carolina
Chris Quinn Vistage Business Coaching


Prioritizing Leadership Development

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Your company’s executive leadership team drives your organization’s vision and strategy forward. Growing and empowering these leaders is critical to achieving greater results.

The Vistage Key Executive Program is specifically designed for second-tier leaders who are seeking alignment and strongly influence the direction of their company.

Members of the Key Executive Program can step out of the day-to-day action to focus on leadership development and strategic planning that will help your team and business get to the next level.

 Vistage Key Program: What is included?

Facilitated group meetings (12 per year)
Members confront obstacles head on, challenge conventional wisdom, develop a common understanding of issues, managing change and opportunities and hold one another accountable for improved results.

Expert Speakers
Experts in their respective fields present content and relevant solutions that members can immediately implement in their operations. 

Individual Coaching (one-to-ones):
Chairs provide one-on-one coaching time to follow up on and reinforce lessons learned in the group and speaker sessions.


    Peer Advisory      Board Meetings

12 full-day meetings per year

   Private Executive Coaching

Optional coaching sessions available for purchase

World-class Speakers

Up to 8 speakers per year

          Online                 Community

24/7 access to 23,000+ members across 21 countries

Who is the Key Executive program for?

For Executive Leadership Team

  • Second-tier leaders

  • Direct reports to CEO


  • C-level Executive (COO, CFO, CMO, etc.)

  • Senior Vice President or Vice President

  • Managing Director

Organization Type

  • Middle Market

  • >$5M to $1B Revenues

  • >25+ Employees

  • Structured/tiered organizational hierarchy

Common challenges faced by key executives … and how the Vistage Key Executive Program can help.


You're held accountable for your company's results but feel only partially in control over how to achieve them.

You're relied upon to provide leadership but feel mired in the urgent demands of running the business.

You're burdened with navigating competing priorities and conflicting, sometimes unreasonable, expectations.

You're challenged to perform at a high level while continuously adapting to a changing environment.


Learn how like-minded executives have been successful in achieving alignment and influencing the direction of their organization.

Step away once a month to focus on strategic planning that will help your team and business get to the next level.

Surround yourself with high-performing peers who are committed to becoming extraordinary leaders - and helping you achieve the same.

Get unbiased, honest feedback to help you think critically about the most effective path forward.

The Key Executive Program helps leaders...

Gain access to diverse thought leadership helping to spur new approaches to solving business challenges


Receive confidential and trusted peer support, expertise and guidance


Prepare for CEO succession

Carry out the organization’s strategic vision and optimize performance


Become more effective and aligned decision-makers

Chris Quinn Vistage Leadership North Carolina

Why invest in the development of your key executives?

Strong second-tier leadership helps CEOs:

Confidently plan for succession/transition

Increase alignment using a shared language

Develop a heightened sense of awareness and clarity of key leaders

Reinforce learnings through adoption and application

Diversify perspectives and thinking

Foster executive presence and accountability

Optimize your key executive for next-level leadership

The Vistage Key Executive Program equips members with:

Enhanced leadership development

Access to resources and trusted expertise outside of their organization

Fresh perspectives to challenge their thought process

Tools to optimize operational alignment, strategy and performance

A forum to share for common challenges and struggles

Increased confidence

Chris Quinn Vistage Leadership North Carolina

What sets the Key Executive Program apart?

Proven and proprietary peer advisory model:

Leaders can confidently and confidentially  process and address business challenges with other peers in a trusted forum.

Diverse perspectives:

Second-tier leaders from various backgrounds, industries and roles come together to learn, grow and help one another carry out the strategic vision of their organizations.

Regular meeting cadence:

Recurring monthly meetings (12 times per year) help reinforce deeper bonds and trust among group members.

Increased alignment:

Share a common language and problem-solving approach with your key executives to establish greater alignment across the organization.

Chris Quinn Vistage Coaching North Carolina

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