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Quinn Vistage Groups

Professional peers who have been where you are and

help you get where you want to go 

Vistage Chair Chris Quinn has four groups in the Raleigh-Durham area. There is a place for leaders of all levels of experience and companies of every size. Chris & Ana facilitate all sessions and the groups are all filled with high-performing leaders. Learn more below.

Key Group #9581 – Ready Deck

Developed to help results-driven key executives build leadership skills and bring even more to the table, the Vistage Key Executive Program empowers you to become a stronger asset to your company. Peer perspective and expert insights and coaching provide you with the knowledge, strategic thinking and confidence to help you play an even stronger supporting role in your company’s future.

This group currently has four (4) openings and launches on Tuesday, September 14th.

CEO Group #5685 – Fast 50

Some of the fastest-growing companies in North Carolina and the country are in this CEO group. This Vistage CEO group was formed in August 2018 and has monthly, full-day group meetings with up to eight world-class speakers. One-to-one coaching is included.

This group currently has three (3) openings.

CEO Group #5281- Scaling

This CEO group was formed in March 2021 and is geared for fast-growing companies. This high-performing group is very diverse and is rapidly gaining members. There are monthly, group meetings with eight (8) expert speakers per year. Members receive monthly one-to-one coaching.

This group currently has five (5) openings.

Emerging Leader #7424 Face to Face

The Vistage Emerging Leader group is an MBA-style, executive development program to strengthen rising executives. Members come from diverse industries and levels of experience. They work in accountability teams and each member has a mentor. All bi-monthly, full day meetings include speakers.

New cohort starts November 11, 2021

Emerging Leader #7380 Virtual

This group is a virtual cohort with members from across the USA. The Vistage Emerging Leader group is an MBA style, executive development program to strengthen rising executives. Members come from diverse industries and levels of experience. They work in accountability teams and each member has a mentor. All sessions are 1⁄2 day in the afternoons and include a speaker every other month.

Interested in learning more about the virtual cohort option?

Advancing Leader #7624 - Driving Results

A high impact offering for experienced and advancing managers designed to accelerate their leadership development journey. The program challenges members to apply proactive leadership to their mindset, communication, and collaboration so they can think beyond what is directly in front of them and achieve breakthrough results.

New Cohort Launches October 12, 2021 and is limited to 20 leaders. 

Trusted Advisor Group #01455

Our Vistage Trusted Advisor Program is designed for top leaders in professional services who want to take their services and skills to the next level. Develop relationships to grow your business while receiving expert guidance to fine-tune your leadership strengths. Access resources to bolster your brand and maximize your impact

This new group launches in September 2021 and there are a few openings remaining for qualified candidates.

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Vistage Group Membership Overview

Our Approach

Rapid growth comes from diverse perspectives

Vistage membership gives you access to a vast range of experience, insights and wisdom from respected business leaders so you can make better decisions — and get better results.

Our Programs

Your leadership is your best investment. Choose from customized programs for CEOs, key executives, emerging leaders, business owners and service providers.

Programs for all levels

of leadership

Group Locations

Peer advisory groups near you

Vistage has group locations throughout the United States, including right here in the Research Triangle area of  North Carolina. That means your group will understand your community and work to fit your needs.

Our Results

Vistage members outpace the competition

Our proven formula for success has helped top executives and business owners grow their companies more than twice as fast as the competition.

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Vistage Group Overview
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Quinn Vistage Groups Overview

Research Triangle Area

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Fast 50

30% of member companies in the fastest-growing Triangle Area companies

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$7.68 Billion in Annual Revenue

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16,473 Employees

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Operations in >40 States

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Age Range

19-59 years old

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21 different industries represented by member companies

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