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How To Cancel Your Vistage Membership

So, You Want to Cancel

Ask yourself, "have I given it all I can?" If your answer is no, now may not be the right time to step away from the table and give up.

Make sure you are not leaving for one of the reasons that people do not join. Read the top 10 reasons why people never join Vistage.

Before You Go, Answer These Questions

What is your emotional state as you consider quitting?

Would you say that you've been a 10/10 member throughout your membership? Have you given your every effort to Vistage?


What qualities would you consider a 10/10 member to have? What do they take advantage of within the membership?

Have you talked to anyone about your considerations to leave? If you haven't, why?

Have you lately processed a serious problem? If not, why not? What would the HDI be?

What is the reason that you are really leaving? Do you have any underlying problems that have gone unresolved?

What are some things that would make you stay? Can you make those things happen? 

What is it that you are afraid of (when thinking about staying in Vistage)?

Think about six months from today, how would you explain your conclusion to leave Vistage to yourself?

Made Up Your Mind?
Step by Step: How to Cancel Vistage Membership

Step 1: Cancel Online

There is a 90-day cancelation period.

On that page, Vistage will ask you a couple of questions regarding why you are terminating. Once you press SUBMIT, the 90-day cancelation period begins.

NOTE: You must cancel before the 16th to avoid additional charges. The rollover date falls on the 16th of the month. For example, if you cancel February 16th, June 1st would be your drop date. If you were to cancel earlier in February, May 1st would be your drop date and no May dues would be charged.

Step 2: Break the News to Your Group Members

You can inform your group of your departure in two different ways.

1. You can write a message to everyone explaining your departure and your reason for leaving.

Please copy If you need any help with the email distribution, ask Shannon Smith.

2. You can also come to the next meeting and inform everyone in person. Be prepared to answer the questions: "What will you give up by departing? How will you substitute that?"

This page was created out of respect for those who have taken the leap to join Vistage but ultimately have decided to leave. We want to help and provide support for all members of Vistage (even if they chosen to depart).

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