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Chris is a certified Vistage speaker and conducts interactive workshops covering the following title and focus:

Execution: How Do you Know Your Organization is Ready?

Program Description

As employee morale declines or flattens out due to the relentless pressures of COVID-19, it is essential that leaders understand the readiness status of their organization’s ability to execute the
strategies and take advantage of recovery-driven growth opportunities. The concept of execution can now be scientifically measured by analyzing these key components: human capital, strategic understanding, activities and structure, leadership, balanced metrics, and market discipline.

A typical engagement survey covers less than 20 percent of the organizational health elements that are proven to correlate with value creation. A proper assessment of organizational health takes in everything from alignment on direction and quality of execution to the ability to learn and adapt. In the largest research effort of its kind, McKinsey found that CEOs who insist on rigorously measuring and managing all cultural elements that drive performance more than double the odds that their strategies will be executed. And over the long term, they deliver triple the total return to shareholders that other companies deliver.

Quinn introduces diagnostic tools and frameworks that will enable members to assess their organization’s readiness to execute their strategy by identifying specific talent readiness gaps. This will allow members to prioritize specific aptitudes to address based on their impact on the execution of strategy. Members who complete their organizational readiness assessments in advance of the workshop will be equipped with actionable data to leverage and reference in the workshop.

The workshop explores these readiness alignment questions:

  • Do the company's employees understand the strategy? Is it meaningful? Do they know competitors and how their own company is different? Where do they fit in?

  • Do leaders communicate the strategy? Are they agents of change? What about the leader’s credibility?

  • Does the company measure the things that really matter? Do their metrics keep employees focused on the right work? Are budgets aligned with strategy?

  • Do employees focus their time and effort on the right things/things that matter? Is strategy used to make choices and daily decisions? Is there too much emphasis on “best practices?”

  • Is there alignment between the talent management efforts and the company’s strategy? Is knowledge being shared?


Value to Participants

Utilizing data generated about their organizations, members will Identify the activities that link to each of the readiness execution areas within their company. They will better understand the relationship between these execution areas and organization readiness.

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