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Meet Fielding Miller, CEO CAPTRUST Financial Advisors

A goal to revolutionize the finance industry

I have worked in the finance industry for more than thirty years. In 1997, a partner and I decided it was time to revolutionize the industry and we launched CAPTRUST, a wealth management and investment advisory firm that charged clients on annual fees rather than commissions. Twenty-two years later, we have 650 employees working at more than 40 locations across the U.S. My employees advise clients on more than $300 billion in assets. We’re still growing — in fact, we saw a revenue growth of more than 20 percent in our 22nd year.

Some CEOs may assume that they do not need executive coaching and leadership development if they’ve already achieved a profound level of success. On the contrary, while I have achieved record success throughout my career, I am a life-long learner. I always strive to be better and to achieve more.

While I have achieved record success throughout my career, I am a life-long learner. I always strive to be better and to achieve more.

The "cold-call" that led me to Vistage

When Chris Quinn cold-called me two years ago to join his Vistage CEO group, I had never even heard of Vistage. Nonetheless, I was intrigued and I agreed to take the meeting. I am so glad that I did.

Chris and I connected immediately; I liked his style and I felt that he had a lot to offer based on his diverse professional background as a Marine-turned-executive. I decided to join his group.

My biggest asset: having a trusted group without an agenda

For me, the combination of coaching, development and support is what sets Vistage apart. Having a forum where I can speak candidly to a group of peers who do not have an agenda is what I find most valuable.

It’s refreshing to know that I now have a group of smart and talented leaders who I can trust and rely on for honest, objective feedback. We are able to collectively help each other find solutions for challenging and often sensitive issues affecting our businesses. Additionally, I leave meetings with new ideas to help me run my business more smoothly.

I leave meetings with new ideas to help me run my business more smoothly.

Unique experiences and valuable perspectives

I look forward to the opportunity each month to learn from my fellow members. Our group has members who run organizations with hundreds of employees across multiple locations and members who have a dozen employees in one location.

Regardless of industry or size, each brings his or her unique experiences and perspectives to the table. By helping each other face tough business challenges head-on, we have connected and formed strong relationships both personally and professionally.

I find that I gain a sense of fulfillment by contributing my insights, experiences and lessons learned to help other leaders find success.

Seeing the forest from the trees

Each month, we are able to step away from our businesses and our busy lives as leaders for a chance to grow and educate ourselves across different subjects.

We recently hosted a speaker who discussed the importance of data mapping, a guide that displays the responsibilities for employees of a company. His presentation made me realize the value that data mapping brings to employees and clients alike and it prompted me to hire an engineer to ensure we are mapping our data as efficiently as possible.

Without this speaker, I would have never thought to incorporate this helpful and critical role into my organization.

At the end of the day, I am very thankful for that cold-call Chris made two years ago that led me to Vistage.

Powerful questions, powerful insights

We wouldn’t have this group without the enthusiasm and drive of Chris — our ‘leader among leaders’ — who has an innate ability to bring us all together. He genuinely cares about our lives, our businesses, our issues and our well-being.

I have found my one-to-one meetings with Chris to be extremely constructive because he listens well and has a way of allowing me to uncover solutions on my own by asking the right questions that help me to think differently.

He demands accountability from his members and expects us to follow through and deliver on our commitments. I find his level of passion to be contagious and I leave meetings with a newfound level of energy to bring back to my business.

Being part of a group of CEOs who respect my views, provides fresh insights and support my decisions has become invaluable to me as a leader and lifelong learner.


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