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Building a Stronger Leadership Foundation

Katrina Webb

Senior Manager, Institutional Client Service

CAPTRUST, headquartered in Raleigh, NC

  • Registered investment advisory firm

  • 1,200 employees and offices across 30 states

  • Strong diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives

“Vistage has helped me build more confidence in my leadership.”

A Vistage Community

Katrina Webb joined CAPTRUST in 2018 and works in Institutional Client Service. During her tenure, CAPTRUST has experienced rapid growth. Katrina wanted to develop her leadership skills to meet the challenge of being a part of a rapidly growing company.

"I felt that Vistage could be helpful in strengthening my leadership skills,” says Katrina.

Changing Habits

Intrigued by the potential of a multi-industry peer advisory group, Katrina took action. “I reached out to one of the chairs, Chris Quinn, to learn more about Vistage. I felt an automatic connection and the conversation was very natural. He shared how he envisioned the cohort would operate and clearly outlined his expectations and areas of focus.”

Joining Vistage seemed the wise choice and, two years later, Katrina says her membership has been a continuation of that first conversation. “The experience has felt natural. It’s a great place for me to bounce ideas off others and continue to test new leadership approaches.”

Among the benefits to participants in Vistage is the ability to brainstorm solutions and push each other in new directions. “We ask powerful questions to get guidance from others in similar positions."

One of the things that Katrina and some of her colleagues are working on is the onboarding experience for new employees in their department. "We are developing an onboarding journey that focuses on a new employee's first 12-to-18 months. Our goal in developing this journey is to attract, engage and retain top talent.”

Inviting Diverse Perspectives

Katrina appreciates Vistage for its perspectives around inclusion.“Chris and Ana do a great job creating a safe space for us to be vulnerable. We share our challenges and explore new ideas to drive solutions.”

She applies the techniques she’s witnessed from her Vistage chairs in her role.“As a leader, I want to create a space where my team is comfortable in sharing their challenges and ideas.” Katrina also leverages her Vistage learnings with one of the company’s Employee Resource Groups that focuses on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color at CAPTRUST.

“Ana’s coaching and insights have helped me to establish more impactful goals."

So why in Katrina’s opinion should others, from rising executives to the C-suite, consider joining a peer advisory group? “Being able to connect with other people leaders from various industries provides different perspectives that regardless of industry gives valuable insights for building a stronger leadership foundation."


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