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Bringing the Vistage Experience to Life: Equipped to Lead

Samantha Peart Ade

President & Owner

  • Full-service IT firm who provides federal agencies with innovated Healthcare IT solutions

  • Specializes in DevSecOps, Cyber Security, and Data Management solutions

  • Woman-owned small business

  • SBA HubZone Certified Company

Generational Impact

Growing up, Samantha Peart Ade watched her parents build an IT company and was inspired to follow in their footsteps. She saw an entrepreneurial opportunity and a need for more women-owned small businesses, specifically technology service providers for the federal government, so she created Pivotal IT Services under her father’s mentorship and guidance. Pivotal IT Services accelerates customer centric healthcare solutions for Federal clients by empowering users through Agile delivery of secure, Open Data enabled cloud native platforms.

One of the things Samantha learned at an early age was the value of a peer advisory group. “My father has been a member of Vistage for 15 years. Growing up I noticed he went to Vistage meetings regularly and talked about how important the group was to him. He would mention how much Vistage helped him overcome challenges as a business leader and the meaningful relationships he’d built with others.”

When Samantha launched her own company, she became a member of a Vistage peer advisory group facilitated by Chairs Chris and Ana Quinn because she knew it would be an excellent resource and would ground her as a leader.

Finding Her Own Way

Being a young business owner comes with its challenges. Samantha notes, “since I started the company I feel like I've been drinking from a fire hydrant non-stop.”

“When I joined Vistage, my goal was to feel more confident in my leadership role, without feeling like I'm in the shadow of my parents. I knew I had a lot to offer and strong skills, but I needed help learning to apply them in ways authentic to me.”

Samantha has also relied on Vistage to help her expand her team and rely more on their talent. “Holding all this responsibility was unsustainable for the company’s growth, my workload, and my well-being. My peers in Vistage directed me to resources to help me strategically structure my organization for sustainable, scalable growth. Not only did they help me with delegation tactics, but they held me accountable and checked in to see how I was resolving my issue.”

She continues, “Vistage has helped me remember to bring my head up and think of the big picture and my role in the company so I can be more strategic rather than just a day-to-day task manager.”

The Personal is the Professional

What does Samantha value most about Vistage? “The group is invested in helping everyone develop professionally and personally.”

Throughout her time as a Vistage member, she has witnessed other local business leaders juggling responsibilities. “The issues processed in the group are not just about work, but also family,” she says, describing how the peer advisory group dynamic has helped her find balance.

Lifelong Leadership Demands Lifelong Learning

The role of a leader requires continuous growth. Vistage offers Samantha a reliable community of C-suite executives who can learn from one another and exchange ideas about emerging issues. Samantha values how “Vistage isn't it's not just a group where the Chairs just tell everyone nice things to puff up their egos. Sometimes, they'll pop your bubble and help you see something that you didn’t think of before.”

Bottom line, Vistage is worth the time she invests. “It's very important to have a group of peers to talk openly with about your struggles and shortcomings and a place to work through the difficult experiences you’re navigating in your business. I am now more confident in my decisions, and I feel more empowered.”


“Being introduced to Vistage early in my career means there are just so many opportunities and so much that I can learn from the group.”

“Vistage has helped me remember to bring my head up and think of the big picture and what my role is in the company so I can be more strategic rather than just a day-to-day task manager.”


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