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Our Team

Ana Rios Vistage.png

Ana Quinn - Vistage Chair

Ana runs the Leadership Development Programs -
Emerging & Advancing Leaders

Meet Ana:

  • Having built successful strategic partnerships in healthcare and consumer products industries, academia, and entrepreneurial start-ups, I am delighted to be leading the Leadership Development programs.

  • Her focus and experience which allow her the opportunity to assess, organize and build while simultaneously inspiring individuals to achieve their highest potential. Her background in coaching, change management, marcomm, strategic development, managerial leadership, operational excellence, project / program management, and executive education provide the ability to explore and assess the potential of each individual and in turn, inspire them to achieve greatness.

  • She has held senior positions in healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer products, academia, and organizational development companies such as Baxter, P&G, Pfizer, Duke University, Lee Hecht Harrison, and Burger King Corporation. She co-founded an online business executive leadership program targeted to physicians which was awarded the Brandon Hall Excellence Award for 'Best Use of Mobile Learning' and was subsequently sold to a top tier academic institution.

Shannon Carr.jpeg

Shannon Carr - Director, Operations

Meet Shannon:

  • She has over 20 years of project management experience. Direct, transparent, and thoughtful—sometimes referred to as a “respected force”—she seeks first to understand our client companies. What are their goals? Their needs? What’s important to them and to their success? Then she focuses on ensuring that all operations run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Shannon’s calculated yet visionary approach to process, data collection and representation is never cookie-cutter. She’s always alert to better ways of presenting data and managing efficient processes, always flexing when needed to ensure a positive experience. She takes nothing for granted, sifting through viewpoints, opinions, and perspective to produce an objective, big-picture view of organizational readiness.

  • When Shannon isn’t swimming in processes and data, she heads to the beach; water and sand are good therapy for the process and data-driven soul.

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Deb Williams - Membership Manager

Meet Deb:

  • She is often the first contact for our Vistage members and has interacted with thousands of CEOs over the past ten (10) years in the role of membership manager.

  • She is focused on helping prospective members understand the Vistage experience and prepare them for the membership exploration journey.

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